ENSA is a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field.


ENSA was established by the Veneto Region in 1999. Since then, the network has developed and supported solid partnerships between a wide range of European Regions and has carried out seminars, conferences, study visit programmes and exchanges of operators.

The cooperation between partners has brought about the opportunity to carry out several projects financed by the European Commission. ENSA represents an excellent opportunity for local and Regional Authorities to participate actively in European policy making and programmes.

Collaborating with ENSA is a way to increase the dialogue with the European institutions and to become part of an international platform to implement shared projects.


  • to encourage international co-operation, mutual learning, exchange of know-how, of cultural¬†¬† models and of experience in the social sector;
  • to deepen the dialogue concerning social policies with the European Institutions;
  • to participate in innovative European projects;
  • to facilitate the involvement of new network members, particularly from EU new member countries.

How to become an ENSA member

If you are interested in the ENSA activities, and you wish to become a member you should be active and participate in one of the five thematic networks:

There is no registration fee, but the participant member is expected to cover his travel and accommodation costs to participate at the meetings or activities if there is no special EU funding.


Application Form

In order to become a member, you need to fill and send the application form that you can download below. Later, the application will be presented officially at the General Assembly (which is held once a year) and receive approval by all members of the network.


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