Child Issues

The coordination of the working group ENSA Childhood is in the hands of ‘Kind & Gezin’ (Child & Family), an agency of the Flemish government.

Rudy De Cock and An Rommel are responsible for the coordination of the working group.

The agency focuses on preventive treatment and guidance of young children geared towards good outcomes in the future. ‘Kind & Gezin’ enables children to achieve their full developmental potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, with respect for diversity and children’s rights. Kind en Gezin is responsible for the registration of high child care, optimal support for parents-to-be and parents with young children and sets criteria that adoption agencies have to meet.

The coordination of the working group ENSA Childhood fits in its mission for international cooperation. For ‘Kind & Gezin’ it is an obvious choice to cooperate on a European and international scale, in order to develop expertise, to learn from international innovative practices, to have an impact on the development of international policy etc. ‘Knowledge Centre Social Europe’ supports ‘Kind & Gezin’ in the coordination of the working group.

‘Knowledge Centre Social Europe’ advises Flemish umbrellas and authorities in the social field on their European strategies and it supports Flemish NGOs (social services and social enterprises) in European Funding. ENSA proved to be an excellent network for European cooperation in the social field.


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