City of Rotterdam, Netherlands

The present coordination of the thematic ENSA Elderly working group is led by the City of Rotterdam represented by Anthony Polychronakis, the Policy Advisor of the City of Rotterdam

The City of Rotterdam developed a wide range of inspiring practices for elderly people, providing help and professional assistance to those that need domestic help, want to live independently or feel lonely.

The previous coordinator of the thematic working group Elderly 2011-2015 has been Kerstin Seipel, project manager Safe Elderly, Nacka municipality in Stockholm Malardal Region.

For more information visit www.rotterdam.nl/english/city-government/

Contact: a.polychronakis@rotterdam.nl

The Stockholm Malardal Region is the area around the lake of Malaren in the South-East of Sweden. Cities and municipalities around the region that are involved in the coordination are the City of Stockholm, the City of Vasteras, as well as Uppsala and Nacka municipality. Altogether, these include around 146 000 inhabitants that are over 65 years of age.

In the last few years, a number of methods have been developed to comprise the use of ICT in home care services, e-Home Care. Possible usages include attention enhancement, reminders, strengthening independence, safety and security.

Fall and injury prevention interventions are also a priority within the Active Ageing policies.

For more information about different ongoing projects in the region please visit the links below:





The coordination in the thematic working group Elderly changes every fourth year.

Contact: kerstin.seipel@nacka.se

There is also a specific collaboration agreement with FABER – Fabbrica Europa, that promotes scientific, cultural and technological innovation in the social sphere and in line with inclusion policies, universal design and smart community.

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