Well-being and Social emotional learning

Well-Being and Ensel Network

Altera Vita, Greece

The present coordination of the thematic ENSA working group- Wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning - is led by the Social Cooperative of Cyclades, Greece, represented by Miltos Sakellariou, Family Therapist, Prevention Counselor in Addiction, Chairman of the Board and founding member of the Social Cooperative of Cyclades–ALTERA VITA.

Altera Vita is a scientific research Centre that implements education and awareness programmes, in the areas of Social Economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, and Νew Τechnologies.

For more information visit: https://alteravita.eu/

E-learning: https://e-learning.alteravita.eu/

Contact: Μiltos Sakellariou, miltosakellariou@gmail.com

ΕΝSEL Network and Wellbeing Working group

ALTERA VITA with Universities, Schools, and Organizations working on ERASMUS + projects, for the last few years and continuing, has created educational tools for Social Emotional Learning, and they have established an informal network for Social Emotional Learning, ENSEL NETWORK.

At the Annual Assembly of ENSA on 15th November 2022 in Venice, after a proposal of Annalisa Bisson, Legal Representative of ENSA network - Director of International Relations, Veneto Region, and the acceptance of the Members, was created a new working group for promoting well-being and implementing Social Emotional Learning in Europe. The coordination in the thematic working group Wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning changes every fourth year.


The main objectives of the new thematic group for Wellbeing and Ensel-Network are:

1. To coordinate actions and initiatives at the European level and develop partnerships across Europe

2. To campaign and advocate for a common European strategy for life skills, especially for Social and emotional competencies in Europe and to monitor and influence policies at the national and European levels for schools, Universities, Communities, and Organisations.

3. To produce and promote the exchange of good practices, enforce capacity building and provide tools and training to professionals working in the field.

4. To raise awareness among the general public and empower children and young people as well as parents and teachers and stakeholders professionals on how to achieve implement Life Skills in a Holistic approach in their communities for wellbeing.

For more information about different ongoing projects in Europe for SEL and Well-being, please visit the links below:



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