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ENSA Working Groups Older Adults and Disability, Youth, Child, and Family - June 2023

The 27th, 28th and 29th of June 2023 in Brussels at the Flemish Agency Growing Up, the ENSA working groups of Older Adults and Disability, Youth Child and Family, ENSEL Network and Youth Care Platform took place.

There were three days full of exchange around the following topics:

(1) 27th June: ENSA Older Adults and Disability working group: exchange of experiences, practices projects and innovative answers to face new health and social societal changes: Community care, telecare, active ageing.

(2) 28th of June: Closing Event of the Panda Project, on participation of young children in child welfare and child protection.

(3) 29th of June: ENSA Working Groups Youth, Child and Family and Youth Care Platform on collaboration between services and civil society aiming at integrated care and support as important pillars for growth and development.

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ENSA Older Adults and Disability 27/06/2023

Programme PPT presentation - Alessandra Boscolo PPT presentation - Miljiana Dejanovic PPT presentation - Apostolos Efkarpidis PPT presentation - Beata Skowronska PPT presentation - Giulia Volpato PPT presentation - Oscar Zanutto PROCAREFUL Overview PPT presentation - Oscar Zanutto AgeTech Revolution
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PANDA Project final event - Child participation 28/06/23

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ENSA working group Youth Child and Family Youth Care Platform ENSEL network 29/06/23

Programme PPT presentation - Alessandra Boscolo PPT presentation - Loes Verdu PPT presentation - Miltos Sakellariou PPT presentation - Giulia Chiarel PPT presentation - Isabelle Van Vreckem PPT presentation - Simonne Vandewaerde
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