ENSA General Assembly 2011

The ENSA General Assembly 2011 took place in Carinthia and in Vienna between the 7th to the 10th of June.

In the framework of the European year of Volunteering, in collaboration with the European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network (Elisan), and the 2010 Social Inclusion Regional Group (2010 SIRG), ENSA held its Annual General Assembly 2011 from the 7th to the 10 of June hosted by the Federal Countries of Carinthia and Vienna.

Envisaging progress in a context of demographic changes and reduced material resources in the aftermath of the economic and financial crisis requires the creation of new opportunities for exchanges and innovation. From a perspective of shared social responsibilities, the General Assembly highlighted innovative strategies, best practises and project ideas promoting social cohesion and aiming to reduce poverty. Taking advantage of the momentum created by the 2011, European Year of Volunteering, a particular focus has been dedicated to actions carried out by the third sector, which is increasingly identified as critical for the future delivery of social services.

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