ENSA General Assembly 2016

The ENSA General Assembly 2016 took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands between the 27th and the 28th of June.

The objective of the Assembly was to support the development of EU project applications in the field of inclusive society and education, family policies, violence prevention, elderly well-being and nutrition, dementia and quality care.

These themes were connected in the different working groups (elderly, disability, youth and family, child and social inclusion) to the opportunities of the EU programming period 2014-2020.

The ENSA Network also collaborates with ELISAN, the European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network, a network of elected representatives set up with the support of the Committee of the Regions and with participatory status at the Council of Europe.

This body promotes awareness of social actions at local level and seeks answers to social needs and rights issues. In addition, ENSA works closely with the Youth Care Platform set up by the Flemish Agency for Youth Welfare (part of the Flanders administration). This association gathers care providers and their umbrella organizations with national, regional and local authorities with legal responsibilities for the youth care sector in EU member states.

The objective of the ENSA General Assembly is held to share the lessons of the work done at local level and to participate actively in European policymaking and programs. This event will focus on innovation in care and new opportunities for all the people we work with.

Ensa network

Manuela Lanzarin Regional Minister for Social Services Veneto Region Chair ENSA network

Elisan network

Sylvie Carrega President Elisan Network Deputy Mayor of Marseille

Youth Care Platform

Stefaan Van Mulders Administrator-General Flemish Agency for Youth Welfare Chair of the Youth Care Platform

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