ENSA General Assembly 2017

Social and Health Challenges: Answers of Community Care

The ENSA General Assembly 2017 took place in Valencia, Spain between the 6th and the 7th of June.

The objective of the event was to tackle the risks of poverty and social exclusion that affect the most vulnerable groups of the population, through a dialogue between the main social actors at the European level, which will exchange good practices and efficient models capable of bringing tangible results for citizens and society in general.

Given the recent launch of the European Pillar of Social Rights, fairness and social justice in Europe have become widely debated themes, and the authorities working in the social field have been triggered by the questions of Commissioner Thyssen: “How can we make the European social model future-proof? What kind of Union our citizens want to have?”.

The themes were connected in the different working groups (elderly, disability, child, youth and family) that followed the plenary session. As a conclusion, there was a brokerage event to meet new partners and draft project ideas, followed by thematic study visits. In addition, interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to join the “European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing In the 2030 Agenda”.

With very best regards
Hon. Mónica Oltra, Generalitat Valenciana
Vice-president of Valencian Regional Government, Regional Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Vice-president of ELISAN

Prof. Jordi Garces, Polibienestar Research Institute Valencia
Director Polibienestar Research Institute, member of Expert Committee ELISAN

Sylvie Carrega, The ELISAN network
President of ELISAN, Deputy Mayor of Marseille

Hon. Manuela Lanzarin, The ENSA network
Chair of ENSA network, Regional Minister for Social Services Veneto Region

Stefaan Van Mulders, The Youth Care Platform
Chair of Youth Care Platform, Administrator-General Flemish Agency for Youth Welfare

ENSA General Assembly 2017 - Invitation


ENSA General Assembly 2017 - Agenda

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