ENSA General Assembly 2018

Eu Pillar on Social Rights: delivering at local level

The ENSA General Assembly 2018 took place in Vänersborg, Sweden, between the 5th and the 7th of December.

The areas addressed have been elderly, disability, youth family and child issues. Policies, projects and practices were collected with the purpose to include them in the civic dialogue between the European Institutions and both public and private stakeholders.

The following principles were enhanced:

  • active support to employment;
  • education, training and life-long learning;
  • equal opportunities;
  • childcare and support to children;
  • inclusion of people with disabilities;
  • long-term care.

The topic of after-care and youth participation was high on the agenda with a discussion of the “A Way Home” project in the plenary session, in the thematic working groups and in the speed dating session, with contributions from An Rommel (Flemish Ministry for Youth Welfare).

The Representative of the EU Commission in Sweden Mr. Magnus Astberg actively contributed to the debate with a presentation of the Pillar.


ENSA General Assembly 2018 - Presentation, Vanersborg


ENSA General Assembly 2013 - Agenda, French

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