Developing Enhanced MEthodology for Thematic Learning in Education using Real-world problem solving)

Programme: ERASMUS +


The partnership consists of four Upper Secondary schools, the Rudbeckianska gymnasiet (coordinator), Sweden, Elektrotehnicka i Ekonomska skola, Croatia, Lycée Saint-Exupery, France, and IES Mar de Alboran, Spain, supported by key associated partners, ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities) and XP Metal Detectors.

Topic and objectives:

The objective of the project has been to develop and enhance the use of Thematic Learning within Upper Secondary schools in order to promote interdisciplinary co-operation. DEMETER is aimed at propagating and enhancing existing educational practices in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STE(A)M), and Social Sciences. It will also integrate skills and techniques used in VET.

The participating teachers will provide contributions to Thematic Learning that shows the needs for interaction between all subjects and real-life settings.

landmine-clearance-metal-detectorThe nominal theme used in the project is the problem of landmines. The students were given tasks to make studies on the associated human, economic and social costs, as well as designing and developing a remotely-controlled vehicle for landmine detection (Mine Detection Rover).

By selecting a theme of relative high technological complexity, and offering an innovative and digital learning environment, DEMETER has permitted students to use ICT and advanced technologies in a creative and collaborative way, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical real-world problem solving, and provide ample opportunities for work-based learning, an entrepreneurial approach and applied science.


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