Network for the Empowerment, the social and labour inclusion of Trafficked minors and young adults.

Programme: AMIF – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Lead: Veneto Region, directorate of social services in collaboration with ENSA European Network of Social Authorities

Human Rights Centre “Antonio Papisca” of the University of Padua (Italy)
Social Cooperative Equality (Italy)
Social Cooperative Comunità dei Giovani (Italy)
Payoke (Belgium)
Association France Terre d’Asile (France)
Cruz Blanca Foundation (Spain)

Topic and objectives: 

Designed by a multi-stakeholder consortium made of civil society and local governmental entities from 4 Member States, Next to You will step up identification and integration efforts in first and second line reception of third-country national minors
and young adult victims of human trafficking.
The project’s objectives are:
1) Improved early identification of minors through capacity building of 60 stakeholders including law enforcement local, national police, social workers, reception centres personnel, youth care providers, guardians, lawyers, prosecutors and magistrates. The long-term beneficiaries will be the minors benefiting from improved detection. 
2) Intensive labour market inclusion program for 60 trafficked minors and young adults, including training and job placement workshops. These trainings will enable the beneficiaries to activate 15 internships and/or internships grants and 10 contracts in each partner member states.
3) Enhance ethno-psychological support for 80 trafficked young adults through group counselling and one-to-one support
4) Strengthening the exchange of knowledge and practice between victim support entities on: 
          - early identification of TPs
          - socio-economic empowerment 
          - psychological support for vulnerable TPs.
The expected impact of the action is enhanced capacity for detecting trafficked children and direct support provided to 140 minors and young adults for their socio-economic empowerment and inclusion and to increase their resilience and help them overcome trauma, cultural shock and other psychological consequences of exploitation that hinder safe and meaningful integration paths.

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