Social Engagement Framework for Addressing the Chronic-disease-challenge

Programme: European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020)

Lead: Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Institute for Retirement Services for the Elderly (ISRAA) of Treviso (Italy), 
Vidavo A.E. (Greece), 
Sveuciliste U Rijeci, Faculty of Medicine (Croatia), 
European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network (ELISAN) (Netherlands).
Universitat de València (Spain)
Age Concern in Cornwall and the isles of Scilly (United Kingdom)

Topic and objectives: 

The project is coordinated by the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam (NL), The project promotes healthier behaviours and lifestyles of adults to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, by helping people to take better care of themselves and actively control their health. Four regional pilots (Rijeka in Croatia, Treviso in Italy, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Cornwall in the UK) were carried out.
Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Cornwall in the UK), involving as many as 1000 citizens through meetings and activities on disease prevention or management activities. The target group of the project is people over 50, suffering from a severe chronic disease or are 'familiar' with it and want to prevent its occurrence.
On the other hand, the project is addressed to health professionals, doctors, pharmacists or volunteers, who wish to put their skills at the service of the community to promote health and prevention.

SEFAC Final Event

SEFAC (Social Engagement Framework for Addressing the Chronic Disease Challenge) is a project funded by the European Union's Third Health Programme.

The Final Conference of the project  took  place on Friday April 16th 2021.

The main aim of the event was to provide insights into the methodologies used in the SEFAC project and in the results obtained. Experiences from different involved stakeholders were discussed, and other European projects, such as the Horizon 2020 Value Care project, were presented. Furthermore, European Networks, such as the Covenant on Demographic Change, PROMIS (Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute), EUREGHA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), ELISAN (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network), and ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities) were involved in discussions about policy challenges and future use of the project’s  findings.

All SEFAC partners participated at the event to share their experiences and learnings. Moreover, the SEFAC book was released and presented, which contains detailed the project interventions and represented a  useful tool for stakeholders, communities and citizens across Europe.

SEFAC JOURNEY – Mindfulness training, social engagement and ICT support to empower citizens to build a healthy lifestyle and manage chronic diseases

The presentations are available on the SEFAC website.

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