Self-management learning programs (SLP) are spaces where people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) gather, discuss and learn how to participate in our society, improving their self-determination and independence. SELF-IN project combines SLP and metacognition methodologies as an innovative approach to improve the Quality of Life of PWID.

Within this framework, SELF-IN project is nowadays working in the production of the two first tangible educational resources of the project, which will be ready before summer:

  • PR1) handbook of self-determination and metacognition processes for educators.
  • PR2) Self-in course for PWID to improve the competences needed to take part in Self-management programs.

After finishing these two products, 15 educators from Italy, Spain and Belgium will travel to Padua to take part in a 15-hour training course about the contents included in these 2 products.

In addition, the SELF-IN website ( was launched some months ago. Those people interested in getting further information of the project can submit a questionnaire and they will be added to the project database which is formed nowadays for more than 120 stakeholders (

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