TRaining for Inclusion of Ageing People with Disabilities through Exchange 2.0

Programme: Erasmus + 

Lead: IVASS Instituto Valenciano de Atencion Social

Instituto Valenciano de Atencion Social-Sanitaria (IVASS) – Spain
Den Achtanter vzw – Belgium
National Association of Professionals Working with Disable People (NAHRU) – Bulgaria
HOGESCHOOL Gent – Belgium
Sin Vincentius Kortrijk – Belgium
Familiehulp vzw – Belgium
International Association for Research and Development of Vocational Education and Training (REDVET) – Turkey
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) – Spain
European Network of Social Authorities (ENSA) – Italy

Topic and objectives:

The project aims to improve the social inclusion and quality of life of ageing people with intellectual disabilities. The partnership develops training and new skills to cope with the ageing process. One of the greatest social hurdles the EU will face in the next few years is population ageing. As the World Health Organization highlights, the vulnerability to which elderly people are exposed will increase if age-related conditions are coupled with intellectual disabilities.
However, since national health and social service provision in the EU is not always adequate to respond to the specific needs of adults with intellectual disabilities as they age, it is necessary to intervene in order to cope with them in order to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.
TRIADE 2.0 project aims at  promoting and enhancing the social inclusion of a new target group within society:  ageing adults with intellectual disabilities (AAWID). Dealing with the double problem of “ageing” and “intellectual disability“ is what makes the project innovative  as the development of new solutions in the ageing and disability field is as necessary as difficult to achieve.
Therefore, partnership commits itself to provide training on new competences to face the ageing process of AAWID in an active and healthy way and to work together with both public and private funds. Its transnational approach offers an added value because it deals with a common problem in the EU which demands global methodologies and solutions. 

Dissemination information related to the project can be accessed through different channels:

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